Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’S



  1. What are the requirements to get in to Vista?

You must be between the ages of 16 and 21.

  1. Why don’t you take students younger than 16?

Our charter reads that we are a drop-out retrieval school. When the charter was written, 16 was the age a student could legally stop attending school. Since then, the law has changed and a student must now be 17 to legally drop out. Vista decided to “grandfather” in 16 year olds.

  1. How do I enroll?

The first step is to call for an appointment for registration/orientation.  We onboard new students every 6 weeks unless we reach capacity.

The second step is to complete the paperwork given to you at the orientation and return it to the registrar.  If space in the school is limited, students on the lottery list are given a random number and numbers are drawn as space becomes available. The first students to be considered.

Once your name is drawn, the registrar will contact you and tell you what to do next. Students transferring from other local high schools will be given a transfer form and be instructed to check out of their current high school before they may start at Vista. This involves paying all fees and/or fines due the other school and turning in books, uniforms, instruments, etc.

  1. Do I get a GED or a diploma?

Vista awards an accredited high school diploma.

  1. Can I get in to the military with a Vista diploma?

We have had graduates join the Army, Navy, National Guard and Marines. However, the rules for enlistment change periodically so be sure to check with a recruiter if you plan to enlist.

  1. What about colleges?

You should have no trouble getting into a community college or vocational school with a Vista diploma. If you are interested in attending a state school or a college in a different state, be sure you work closely with your teacher from the beginning of your time at Vista to be sure you are taking the right courses.

  1. Do I get a G.P.A. at Vista?

Vista does not award letter grades. But when you pass a course, you must be at least 80% proficient. Because of this and the school’s alternative status, students are currently ranked with a 3.3 on the college index. Keep in mind, however, that previous high school G.P.A.s also factor in.

  1. Can I still take classes at MHS or OHS?

Many students do. It is up to your previous high school based on space available and your record while at their school.